Craft Gin & Tonic Hamper


First select your craft gins, then choose the preferred tonic, we’ll do the rest.

Each hamper comes with 2 double shots (50ml) of your chosen craft gin, 2 bottles (200ml) of Fever Tree tonic and fresh garnish.


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Tasting Notes

Masons Tea Edition The taste lends subtle notes of cardamom and coriander spice. These notes are lifted by citrus, leaving the way for a long, dry, black tea finish

Monkey 47  The zingy citrus is assertive to taste upfront, but gives way to a rich bouquet of flavours including herbal juniper, juicy lingonberries, sweet liquorice, cardamom and hibiscus-like floral touches. 

Tarsier Southeast Asian Dry Gin A citrus forward gin with aromatic & savoury mid-notes and a long peppery finish. Calamansi, Thai Sweet Basil, Galangal and Kampot Pepper deliver a flavour unlike any other.

Bathtub An initially juniper-rich bouquet is backed up with a solid backbone of rich grain spirit. Top notes of cardamom and orange blossom are evident with just a suggestion of cinnamon.

 Whitley Neill Blackberry  A smooth flavour, with a core of delicious, piney juniper followed by zesty sweet citrus and hints of wonderful black pepper.

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